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SD card issues

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Well, my system is now just about fully functioning. The only remaining issue is with the Sd card slots. We tried an SD card with mp3s on it and got a message back saying that the data was corrupted. Any one else gotten this message? If so, what was the problem? I'm wondering if it's a formatting issue...?
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We had an interesting discussion about MLC flash memory which seems to produce more read errors than non-MLC memory. Most high speed cards are non-MLC while cheap standard storage may be MLC.

The RNS-E seems to not like MLC storage. Some solved the issue by changing the reader/writer they used, some others had success by loading all songs at once to the card instead of organizing the songs and creating play list on the card.

What brand/model of card and reader are you using?

More info: "Unknown files"..."Corrupt files"...
I'm not sure. It's my friend's card so there's no loss. I'll just buy a card that I know will work. Thanks.
I found that some of my MP3 files simply won't play this depends on the MP3 encoder used, maybe if all (or your first) MP3 files are wrong you get this error.

Itunes encoded files under 192kbs work fine
I have no problem with files ripped using Windows Media Player @ 320 kbps.

The only files I've had problems with have been ripped from a DVD by DVD Audio Ripper - I had to run these through an MP3 editor which removed the tags and created new ones.
Regular SD cards seem to work fine

I've been using the Kingston SD card (1G) without problems. This is the regular version and not high speed. I've copied and deleted files on the SD card on the fly without error messages from the RNS-E (i.e. no need to erase all files and recopy onto SD). Could be just lucky though.
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