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Screen sometimes flashes "TV Not Installed" with Dietz 1417

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As the title says, I've been having this problem ever since installing my Dietz 1417 and ME3. It come up for at most 2 seconds, and then the video will come back, and it only happens once in awhile, so its not a terrible problem. That said, it is annoying when it does happen (especially when I'm showing my new in car TV system to a Is this normal? Any ideas why it might happen?

I should add that, strangly, when this happens the audio still plays, only the picture is interrupted.

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a few of us have had the same problem..

i originally thought it was a loose CAN-BUS wire, but a loose video wire as PROXUS suggests may make more sense..

unfortunately most of us never found the exact source of the problem, but after tearing it apart, checking everything and putting it back together mine has been working perfectly for a few months now..

sorry this isnt much help, i just want to let you know many of us have had the same problem..

good luck..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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