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RS6 Installation

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I am attempting to install the DVD based Sat Nav RNS-E into a 2003 UK RS6 has anyone done this installation and can offer me some support and advice on which cables need to be used. I currently have the CD Rom based Nav Plus system in the vehicle with the TV Tuner and 6 Disc CD changer with TMC.
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It's a bit tricky in the RS6, space behind the dash is the biggest problem, very tight with the adaptors behind the RNS-E

You need to disconnect the TMC unit and join the antenna connectors together where the TMC is. Then bridge the Bosch can bus to the infotainment can bus. High to high, low to low. Once you have done this, the correct type of canbus is available on the 26 pin connector behind the nav unit pins 13 and 26.

If you have a TV tuner you need to upgrade that to a C version from a B. Also you will need to either completely change the TV wire or adapt the end from a 10 pin round plug to a 32 pin amp connector. I made an adaptor for mine.

You wll need a BOSE RNS-E adaptor for an A6 with flying leads for the canbus.

An antenna Adaptor and an RNS-D to RNS-E diversity connector. All available from Kufatec.

I can do the whole thing for you if your interested.

PM for details

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USA RS6 here

The worst issues I found were:
1. Laying the Nav antenna wire from trunk all the way to the front. It can be time consuming, however not extremely hard. Decided to do this instead of adding antenna behind the cluster, since I had to modify the XM module anyway.
2. Finding space behind the RNS-E unit for the new bulky plugs. If you feel behind the AC/Heating unit, there is enough space. With the RNS-E unit at an angle, and use of a set of small hands (GF), you can push the bulky plugs into that area, and the RNS-E unit fits like a glove.

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