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I have the routing set on fastest route yet I have found my newly installed RNS-e sometimes makes choices in routing that I think it could easily avoid.
For example: It will attempt to route me off an exit on the highway and then route me back on the same entrance on the other side of the road the highway crosses. As I am familiar with the road it makes no sense to repeatedly get off of a highway and instantly back on that same road. I might expect this routing if it was attempting the shortest route.
The only explanation I can think of is that I somehow selected an alternate route when the routing was orginally displayed.
On the other hand I was driving in to NYC the other day, hit a snag and decided to exit onto an somewhat unfamiliar hwy figuring the NAV will calculate an alternate route to the west side of manhattan. It redeemed itself by routing me a way I didn't realize existed (and I bypassed the traffic jam and a toll).
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