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I like to think myself pretty good with modding stuff on our cars, but the snake den of wires that fester behind the head unit have always gotten the better of me. I can build all kinds of stuff, and have done some pretty slick mods on my S4..but if I didn't have three fellow enthusiasts to help me through this, it would never have come together...

Teddybgame was the point man for most if what I have and will be doing. He spent more time than I can track between discussing the options, explaining pros and cons as we started, then facilitating introductions to other professionals who helped as well, and then helping to diagnose a few glitches along the way. Teddybgame is the "go-to-guy" for the custom harness work...he has the fore-sight to rightly anticipate items I might have wanted to integrate and prepared my harness accordingly. Ted, thanks for all your help!!

Bjarne Christensen was the key player in the Cangate integration... and his work was seemlessly integrated in Teddybgames harness. I ran into what I thought were problems, but in actuallity, I didn't understand the functionality and Bjarnes work was perfect from the start! Right in the middle of my install, thinking I had done something wrong with the Cangate, Bjarne rigged up a three stage harness that would systmatically diagnose the problem for us.. there was no was all me. :oops:

NSX JR was like lightening with the software update and a back-up dvd. And, his communication was nearly immediate helping me with the update of the software!!

I'm not sure how I will repay you guys for helping above and beyond my expectations... If you are planning to retro fit RNSE into your vehicle, no matter how simple or complex..these are the guys to do it for you!!!

Cheers! And, thanks again!
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