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RNSe in B5 S4 - fitting into dash

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Okay here are a couple pics of my install so far (call it version 1)...the first pic is of the dash with a quick molding job so no gaps on the side - i have another center console to redo this later (the curse of the perfectionist) in the meantime i got inspired by the 'ghini comments and decided to do a little alcantara piping and added a chrome strip (trying to find something a bit shorter in height though) to the bottom of the RNSe ala newer versions. Anyways fills the gaps and looks pretty good (most people don't notice it which is good thing) and matches alcantara used elsewhere in car.

btw to match the a/c controls due to different material will require disassmeble and painting with automotive interior paint (go to automotive paint suppply house) - i will get exact color later and post results.
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How did you fill the gaps in so perfectly? The face plate doesn't look glued together . . . looks great! I assume you still used the A6 version? One last question, did anyone ever figure out the annoying clock issue in our B5's?
Your is so good! I bought a wrong unit before I joint this forum see mine

For more photos please visit my web-site;-
BTW, Did anyone try to use mp3 CD in the RNS-E? Since my head unit cannot read my mp3 CD? is it required a special format?
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