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RNS-E without CAN BUS is it possible

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I have 1999 a6 2.7T with concert radio (BOSE SYSTEM). I have RNS-E
8B0 035 192P and double din consol and adapter set + antenna. Now i need to know if it is possible to get this RNS-E working without CAN BUS. I have analog gala signal available? I dont know where to get this can bus if absolutely needed, i have analog clock in my instrument cluster ... Plese help me...
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Yes it is possible, you need to convert your ignition and lighting to canbus so the unit powers up and illuminates correctly, you already have gala so feeding a speed pulse is easy. and you have an A6 unit by the sounds of it, but I think you mis quoted the part number

4B0 035 192P is the A6 unit

There are adaptors available on ebay with can bus converters built in to give you the can signals you need.

I think this is such an item....
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