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RNS-E with SAT and CD changer question

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My 2003 C5 A6 (RS6) came from the factory with XM module installed. I am replacing that module with the newer one that is compatible with the USspec RNS-E. I would like to also install the factory CD changer in the trunk. I am finding conflicting info as to whether I need to run another CD cable to the HU or is there some way to connect the changer through the XM unit?

If you can connect directly to the SAT radio module, is there a source for a plug/play cable?

Thanks for any help.
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Check the 20-pin connector (sometimes blue/green/yellow) behind your head unit. If the section with 10pins (sometimes blue) has all wires it it the you have a cable for the CDC ending somewhere. If there are only 3 wires in that plug the you only have the Audio wires from the SAT receiver going to the head unit.

In the first case all you have to do is to find the cable. But it's more likely that the second case is true and you will need to route a new harness with the 7 wires (all CD related wires except audio left/right/grund) from the head unit to the trunk/SAT area). The audio wires from the CDC go directly into the SAT receiver.

Not aware of any plug and play solution for this. You may need to get some repair wires or pins form Audio and build you own harness.
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