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03' A6 C5 ALLROAD V6 TDI 180
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Hi Guys !

If there are still retrofiters, here is my small contribution for those who have a Nokia RTE-3HD set in their A6 C5 and want something wireless and without subscription :)
My idea was to avoid to modify car's wiring loom, and stay as much as possible to Audi's factory installation.

With that in mind, I installed the Audi bluetooth module in Nokia's unit place with an adapter I built.
In case of need, everything can be installed back as standard.

Here you'll find the adapter wiring diagram (Google slide link), and a howto video (Youtube link)

These documents also cover SDS installation and AUX-IN with USB charge sockets.
Then up to you to decide what improvement level you want to add to your RNS-E ;)

Feel free to ask
21 - 21 of 21 Posts