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RNS-E TV Tuner Problems

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Hi, I have just bought a TV Tuner (part# 4DO 919 146 C) to work alongside my RNS-E headunit, though when connected it simply doesn't seem to show up on my headuinit (as a source, etc). I've noticed the cable used to connect the two units has some spare wires which aren't connected anywhere at the headunit side. Was I ment to connect these anywhere? Of the main two unconnected spare wires, one is brown and one is red with a green stripe. Your help would be much appreciated.
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do you have a European or US RNS-E??.. only the European has been confirmed to work with the OEM TV tuner..

any chance the spare wires are CAN-H and CAN-L??.. that would explain why it is not showing up.. the TV tuner tells the RNS-E it is present over CAN.. with out CAN the RNS-E would not know the TV tuner is there..

good luck..
After some helpful info. from the seller

Since some enlightenment from the seller of the tuner it seems...

The four spare wires are...



He doesn't know which is which of the grey CAN wires (i.e. CAN H/L) though he assures me it won't do me any damage to try them one way and if they don't work - try them the other!

Thanks for the help!

P.S. I have a European RNS-E.
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Me being the seller and having installed about 10 tuners so far, but not with this lead, I can assure you it wont do any harm.
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