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RNS-E Torturing Me

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Well, I'm just about at my wits end. I've installed my RNS-E (A6 Euro version updated to US software), and it doesn't work. I have a 2001 B5 S4 Avant.

I ran the CAN signals from the cluster, as directed. However, my RNS-E does not light up when I turn my lights on. When the ignition is turned off, the unit asks for the code when I turn it on (every time). When the ignition is on and I put in the code, it goes to the warning screen for half a second and then immediately back to the code screen.

Here's another weird thing. The radio can't tune anything at all. I used the antenna adapter, and it's an extremely tight fit. The factory antenna wouldn't fit until I broke the black plastic thing off. Nothing I do, however, can tune in anything but static on any frequency.

Another data point is that I actually have two RNS-E units that have the same behavior, so it's unlikely to be a problem with the unit itself. Tomorrow, I'm going to trace each wire in the wiring adapter against the the schematic and make sure everything is wired correctly. Alsol, I'm going to check the connection to the CAN L/H leads in the cluster.

One more data point is that I have the factory nav, so I disconnected the CAN H/L that was already in the cluster. Most B5s don't have anything at the CAN pins in the cluster.

As I said, this is driving me around the bend. Does anyone have any ideas?

If any of you are in the Northern Virginia/DC area and think you can solve it, I'd gladly pay to get this episode behind me.


P.S. One final insult, I don't have the code to my Symphony. I'm without tunes (at least in the Audi) until this is solved.
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I'm a little confused, so before I offer any real advice, please give us some more details.

First off, you mention that the illumination doesn't function when the lights are on and that it will quickly return to the security code screen. Now, the illumination won't function correctly until the code is entered sucessfully, even if it is wired correctly. It sometimes takes awhile for a unit to "mate" with the cluster when it is first installed, and it will exhibit these behaviors. Leaving the car running for 10-15 minutes with the RNS-E on will correct this; personally, I've found that just rebooting the unit by saving "1" in channel 111 of the Navigation adaptation module with my VAG COM is an instant fix.

Where I am confused is that you say you also don't have radio reception. If you can't get past the security screen, you wouldn't be able to use the radio. If you can enter the code, and then it just resets when the car is turned off, you may want to try switching the CAN wires (I believe something like that can happen if they are reversed). If you can't get past that code screen, I wouldn't worry about the radio, the static you hear is probably just because it isn't tuned to a local station.

Do you have a VAG COM? If so, are there any codes stored in your unit

If you really want some personal help, I'm in NE PA (little north of Philly). If you get really desperate, I'd be happy to help.
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By the way, I voted for "B" (move to India and live like a King) :wink:
I live in Alexandria and just installed the same unit in a 2000 S4 B5. I am new to these units, but here is what I learned from my install.

1- the people on this site can help you solve your problem. most of this is covered in other posts.

2- I had CAN already ( you may too ) the wires were orange not gray. I had to re-adapt the cluster via VAG COM Chan. 62 to a value of 5. (if you don’t have VAG COM you can use mine)

3- the speed signal in my car was separate from the CAN signal and the wire harness I got did not have a wire in the V signal pin (no moving map).

4 - I also had to re-code the RNS E to 0509111

5- the radio antenna wire problem sounds the same as mine. sounds like you have the wrong antenna adapter. Call lanny at euro-parts 909 576 1603 and get this 50 ohm to FAKRA plus diversity adapter for RNS-D #16143

Hope this helps and good luck

I would have moved to india last week, but NAV was broken and i couldnt find the way.
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when I plugged in my RNS-E for the first wouldn't accept the code. I tried 10 times. Then shut off the car....had dinner...and came back and started driving the car around and all of a sudden it accepted the code and almost became "self-aware" of the cluster/canbus. It was very weird.

Keep in mind, I had a D-navi installed already, so my cluster was already VAG'd for this.

Keep us posted.
First off, thanks for the replies everyone. Interestingly, no one wants me to give my money to Audi. :)

It's when the ignition is off that the unit will accept the code and you can do things. Even then, if you turn the unit back off and back on, it asks for the code again.

When the igniition is on, the unit won't accept the code. That holds true for both units, btw.

Unfortunately, I don't have VAG-COM. I was thinking of buying it, but it's hard not to choke on that $350 for something I'll probably use a couple of times. To be completely honest, I'm not sure I want the nav info in the DIS. I like seeing how many miles left and the outside temperature. From what you're saying, it sounds like the unit itself isn't coded properly, though. I bought them (I have two) from someone in Germany who doesn't seem to really know what he's doing (kind of like me).

The CAN wires on the Symphony plug are grey.

Turning the ignition on and off DOES cycle the unit. Am I correct in thinking that even this wouldn't work if I didn't have an active CAN connection?

cfjetaa, I'd appreciate it if I could use your VAG-COM and see if that's part of the problem here. I'll PM you.

b5retrofit, if I'm not able to solve this problem locally, my wife has been wanting to see Reading Market in Philly, so I might just take a road trip. Will you be around this weekend?

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As b5retrofit mentioned, rebooting the unit fixes sometimes strange issues. if you don't have a VAG-COM to save 1 in channel 111, press the RADIO (or FM|AM) and SETUP buttons together until the unit reboots.
Thanks, I'll try rebooting it tonight.

Also, I just ordered the correct antenna adapter. That probably explains the radio issue.

I searched but could not find this. Does anyone know the proper settings for the Phatbox on an RNS-E? The Phatbox manual only has settings for other radios. I have the Audi/VW Phatbox.
With the latest 7.02 firmware, you can set the phatbox to radio type "T" in the setup page.
I feel your pain. It happend to me 2 weeks ago where my wife is always at my back watching. After a couple weeks back and forth, I have my unit returned for a refund.

I still want to buy the RNS-E but will need to buy something else to my wife first to have her off my back....
The Audi is actually the wife's car, although it's more a car for me to drive her around in than for her to actually drive. She's very excited to get the nav working. She's also happy that the 50" HDTV will be delivered soon, and thinks I should keep my M Coupe, but consider buying an Elise also. I have a pretty good wife, huh? :)
jamiehankins said:
The Audi is actually the wife's car, although it's more a car for me to drive her around in than for her to actually drive. She's very excited to get the nav working. She's also happy that the 50" HDTV will be delivered soon, and thinks I should keep my M Coupe, but consider buying an Elise also. I have a pretty good wife, huh? :)
Lucky you (lucky wife.. :D )
I may be moving to India

I bought a nav package (supposed to include all working products) didn't work---- looking to either move or hang myself :cry:
Re: I may be moving to India

A6degrees said:
I bought a nav package (supposed to include all working products) didn't work---- looking to either move or hang myself :cry:
Give some more details and we'll try to help you get it working (if it's an RNS-D or RNS-E).
Hang in there

I just installed an RNS-E in my 2001 S4 Avant, and to encourage you it will work. First I would make very sure you have the proper adaptor harness...its critical. I bought mine as a turnkey package. Basically my biggest probelm was getting the old radio out...very tight. I plugged the nav in with all the adaptors for wiring and antenae, entered the security code and everything has work flawlessly. I DID NOT have to tap into any additonal wires. I've heard if your tackometer has the clock/date display you can get all the signals you need from the proper harness...and it must be true its working.
My clock also works right with the estimated arrival time (in GPS mode) I've seen several folks complain about that too, mine works fine. I hav not Vag'd the ECU yet, but the only thing that does not seam to be working is the teh GPS screen doesnt know night from day mode and I manually switch it...besides that everything is perfect. So hang in there...its will work very well with your car when its set up right.
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Well, after all of the torture, just rebooting (using the "radio" and "setup" buttons) fixed everything. The only thing that was left was recoding the cluster (thanks MUCH cfjetaa) so that the radio info would appear on the DIS.
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