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I'm planning to upgrade my A6 (2004) from a 1din Travel Pilot E1 to a RNS-E, and have some questions:

- 1din console
- Blaunpunkt TravelPilot E1 (Radio+GPS)
- 1 GPS antenna
- 1 blaunpunkt CD charger (10 CDs)
- No Bose
- No multifunction steering wheel

Tomorrow (hopefully):
- 2din console
- RNS-E device
+ (optional) multifunction steering wheel


1) Any specific difficulty to change the 1din to 2din console? Is this not just mechanics?

2) Can I keep my GPS antenna? How would I know?

3) Can I connect the CD charger to the RNS-E? Would I need a specific adapter?

4) Which adapters would I need? Would this be enough?

5) Can I adapt a multifunction steering wheel from new A6 to my "old" model? (new 3 branch st. wheel with rather square airbag to replace the old 4 branch st. wheel)

6) Any other point I should take care of?

Thank you very much for your precious help
Best regards

-- LC
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