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hello people
i read have a lot of topic and didn't resolved my problem with RNS-E unit.
let start from the beginning
i bought unit 8E0 035 192 K and didn't get any navi disc with in.
i didnt have the i made the disk unlock rnse , and get the vin number of the rns-e.
after that i did get the pin throw internet using the vin number of the rns-e.
installed it in my car, entered pin which i get with my unit, everyting is ok, unit work's perfect.
when i go to CAR - INFO i get SW: X--- , HW: 72 and MAPS:

i have tryed to update software but nothing. than i found here about force downgrade VAG COM and adaptation of CH 97 to value 0 -> 1 . it say ''Request denied , RC--22 Conditions not correct '' , but it accept the new value 1 .then insert the disc with sw 0550 and the downgrade starts , having this message "software is being update". but unit restarts once and that is all what happened. the unit shut off and nothing happen.

after that i tryed to put cd with software 0650 and it read's cd, but won't start update.
i tryed with disc with 2012 maps of W and E Europe. it read's disc like Software update CD software 0650 a). All this CD are original and they are working (confirmed on this unit from my friend)

then i enter the disc unlock rns-e on my computer and see that it had the file 574 on it and on index.txt vesion 210 . witch i belive is the version of rns-e pu Led.

please any suggestion or helppppp
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