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Recently, I've been having a play with Windows Media Player and learning how to create skins for it. So yesterday, as a bout of inspiration swept over me, I created an RNS-E Windows Media Player :D

Basically, all the real buttons on the RNS-E operate the player; the big button on the right is Play, then the four around it (clockwise) are Pause, Stop, Rewind and Fast Forward. The red light on each appears when they're enabled. The two in the top right go to the Previous and Next tracks and so on - text appears when you hover over them so you know what they do!

It's early days at the moment, but as I work as a software developer I've added some code to switch buttons on and off etc., plus browse between a playlist, the video display you might be watching, and those funky visualisations using buttons across the bottom. There's even a link to this very website! :)

You're all more than welcome to download it for yourself - all I would say is that this skin is offered without any warranty or guarantee! Any feedback or comments would be appreciated (just add them to this thread), and I will aim to incorporate any suggestions in further releases.

Download the skin as a ZIP (405KB) and then double-click the WMZ file inside it.

Click here to download the skin.
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