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hi a month ago i retrofitted my old RSN-D With a RNS-E (SDS) MMI..
everything works fine with Navi dvd 2006_1.

my navi has partnumber 8P0 035 192 F (cabrio type)from januari 2006)in the menu´s i found all SDS options but i need a MFSW to get it to work.
my car is a (2003 - A4 8E)

so i bought a s-line MFSW from i A6 i think.... and airbag

These are the parts I have:
4F0 419 091 T 8UD (MFSW)
8P0 971 589 L (cable from airbag)
8E0 880 201 CF 6 PS (Airbag)

are these the parts I need:

4E0 953 541 B ???? S/C Ring
8E0 953 549 R ???? Controller Module
8P0 971 589 A ???? cable for airbag

i found these in the topic in this forum, but maybe someone can tell me, if i also can use different partnumbers to get everthing to work. can t find these parts anywhere..except the dealer for lots of money.

If not, does anybody know where i can buy these parts for a nice price..
send me an email or pb if so...

Hope to hear from you experts.!!

thanks Charly

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I am doing something similar, but for a 2003 C5 allroad. You have the most expensive bits already. I am not 100% sure an A6 MFSW will work with an A4 MFSW controller. There is an electronic module in the wheel that talks to the controller via a data bus (not the Infotainment CAN Bus). If they are compatible you are ok if the airbag works with your existing cotroller.

Please be careful. Air bags can be dangerous. Assuming they are not fakes.

There are variations on the parts, and you need to ensure that the ones you get will work together. Apparently there are some errors in the Bentley manuals about MFSW controllers for the C5 A6 platform, so you may find out the hard way with you A4.

If you have ESP you will need to recode your ABS/ESP controller using VAG Com (or dealer) after changing the slip rings - see Ross Tech Web site. On the A6 special codes are required to Login to and the re-code the ABS/ESP controller. I expect it is much the same for an A4. These codes differ depending on your vehicle type, the engine, the brakes and the gearbox.

You will also need various connectors, possiby some internal wheel harnesses, some various repair wires, fuses, fuse holders and a contact mounting plate for the MFSW controller. You need an M12 XZN driver to remove the steering wheel bolt and possibly access to VAG Com.

I have a 60+ page research and design document (nearly all text and tables, but with about 30 photo's) which will shortly be made freely available on NSX JR's web site. It covers adding MFSW and Tiptronic controls plus a wheel heater and is Part 1 of the documentation I am doing.

I have all the parts, and will be installing in about one weeks time. I plan on shooting about 100 photos for Part 2 - Implementation. As you can see it is a big job.

To do this you MUST have the workshop manual along with the wiring diagrams. There is a useful post on AudiWorld about fitting a Tiptronic control steering wheel that gives lots of info.

My supplier was Martyn at Vagparts.Com. A C5 MFSW controller was about £120 including VAT and the slip rings were about £155 including VAT.

If you wait a few weeks, I will have comprehensive info available relating to the A6 allroad. It will be a great help to you and show you how to go about this project.

PS. You should check out Bjarne's CANGATE and the use of "Engineering Mode" to temporarily enable one of the RNS_E buttons as "push to talk". I would double check that your RNS-E really does support SDS. Use 'search' on this forum to find out all that is so far known.

If anyone wishes to respond, I suggest we continue in the Multimedia topic - I have a placeholder post there.
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