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2008 Audi TT 3.2
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Hi everyone!

I'm new to the forum, so I'd first like to say 'Thanks!' to everyone who has contributed before me. I've read lots of posts over the past week and found so many of them to be useful.

In essence, I've went from Totally Clueless to Vaguely Informed :)

I'm now at the point where I can use some specific guidance from anyone who can help...

A bit of background:
I bought my 2008 Audi TT coupe secondhand. The original owner was in the army and purchased the car in Germany. He then brought it to the US, drove it a bit, and traded it to an Audi dealership.

During the CPO process, the dealership removed most of the aftermarket stereo stuff and kindly put it in a large cardboard box. They then installed the original Audi Symphony head unit. The speakers were left in place, but several of them were never connected. The amps were removed, as was the aftermarket head unit.

My goal:
I'm now looking to reinstall the 2 amps (details lower), reconnect all the speakers and replace the factory head unit with an Audi RNS-E Nav unit (details below).

My gear:
Head Unit:

Audi TT RNS-E upgraded unit (part 8J0 035 193 F).


I have 2 identical 4-channel amps. They are u-Dimension ProX Series.


The car has 11 speakers total. They are also made by u-Dimension and seem to be good quality.

A bass and a mid in each of the front doors - 4
A tweeter on either side of the dash - 2
A center speaker on the dash - 1 (this one is factory and may not even be connected)
Mid speakers behind driver and passenger - 2
Tweeters behind driver and passenger - 2

There might be a subwoofer in the passenger side of the trunk area, under the felt cover. I haven't checked yet.


There are wires running to all of the door speakers, and judging by the way the front tweeters are wired, the aftermarket speakers were connected to the existing factory wires.

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At some point my factory shark-fin antenna broke and I replaced it with a Q5 antenna that I bought on eBay. I didn't realize it at the time, but the Q5 antenna came with a 3rd lead for the GPS! So I'm thinking to use that for the GPS signal, and run a Fakra extension from it to the RNS-E.

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I read as many of your posts as I could find.

I'll be making an AUX connector using a new 32-PIN connector (1J0972977G) and 3 repair wires (000979009) connected to PINS 6, 21, 22.

I don't believe the car originally had Bose, but if I find that there is a PIN in B7, I'll move it to B5 as per other threads.

Now for the fun stuff....


1) To get signal to my amps, I'd like to use the line outs from the RNS-E.
As I read, the RNS-E has lines out for 4 channels (FR, FL, RR, RL). Do I tap into them by creating a PIN-to-RCA harness at the back of the head unit or is there a chance that these leads also exist near the amp in the trunk (see photo). Judging from the tape, I'm guessing the previous installers tapped into the lines here in the trunk.

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2) I'll also need a remote-ON wire for the amps. Is there a chance I can find it in the trunk by the factory amp or do I have to run it from PIN 13 of D section of the Quad Lock?

3) Am I right in using the GPS lead from the shark fin and running a Fakra Female-Female extension to the back of the RNS-E.

4) In the rear passenger compartment, there are 2 speakers on the driver's side (mid + tweeter)...but 3 speakers on the passenger side. What is that 3rd speaker? Is it for the parking sensor?

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5) If I'd like to add a Bluetooth module for the telephone...would now be a good time to do that? Is there a guide for this?

I'll probably have more questions, but these are the main ones that I'm grappling with now.

Thanks so much in advance for any advice you can send my way.

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