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RNS-E Plugs and Pins Part Source

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I just got a couple of RNS-E harnesses that need some work. The main problem is that they're missing the B (EXT CONTROL CONNECTOR) plug. I don't suppose anyone here has the part number for this connector, do you?

It looks like Kufatec has it here (, but I've heard horror stories about getting things from them.


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Anyone? I know that several of you have built your own harnesses. There must be a place to order pins and plugs and such.

The harness I wound up buying from Euro-Parts doesn't have the GALA/V-Signal. I really need the pins to add a wire for this.
The plug you can get from your Audi dealer as well as a repair wire with the correct pin. Ask for a B7 or A4 MY 2006 with Navigation Plus when looking up the part. If you need a single (or a couple) pin, PM me.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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