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RNS-E on b7 A4

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First of all, the car is a b7 a4 with symphony II non-bose.

I just installed a EU spec rns-e (updated to US firmware) and have a few problems.

1. EDIT: started working by itself..... let's ignore this

2. None of the radio works. All I get is static noise. I have checked and confirm that I have both the diversity antenna and the radio antenna plugged in. I can do a scan/step, and it will never find anything.

Does the bose system have a different harness than the non-bose system. Is there any chance of the seller accidentally provided the wrong harness? If anyone can shed some light, I would highly appreciate it.

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Yes, the cable harness for Bose and non Bose are different. When you have a cable harness 4 plastic connectors (including a brown one): it's a NON Bose adapter. If you have 3 plastic connectors: it's a Bose adapter
However, either the BOSE or non-BOSE harness shouldn't have any effect on your radio tuning.
Is there some information in the engineering mode that could help determine why I am not receiving a signal?

I have looked at the radio test mode; unfortunately, i do not know enough about how radios operate to tell what the data means. Can someone briefly explain how/what i can determine from the engineering mode data? thank you.

The best would be to check #37 with VAG-COM or with the dealer's VAS, a missing antenna signal is cause a fault in #37. Also, can you listen to MP3? This would at least confirm that you adapter is OK. If you can't listen to MP3 or CD and don't hear the navi lady either I would check the harnes first.
I had the same issue.

Unplug the antennas and look inside the FAKRA plug on the radio. What it turned out to be for me is that the tiny little pins on both primary and diversity had been broken.

If that's the case, stand by. I'm working on getting this repaired on mine and will share whatever I find out.

I can play mp3, and i do hear the voice guidance, so i guess that part is okay. The only part not working is the radio.

I guess i'll buy a new fakra adapter and try it out. Thanks guys.

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