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It is step-by-step massive installation I did for one of my clients. He came all the way from California to Chicago to do this :shock: I Installed basically every option possible in that car. I hope this will be good referrence for your installs as well.

[row:1b21d80bf0][siteimg:1b21d80bf0]492[/siteimg:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0]I started with stock Symphony II
[row:1b21d80bf0][siteimg:1b21d80bf0]493[/siteimg:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0]I removed old radio.
[row:1b21d80bf0][siteimg:1b21d80bf0]501[/siteimg:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0]For connecting all modules I used custom made harness (thank you Teddy) with all appropriate connectors
[row:1b21d80bf0][siteimg:1b21d80bf0]494[/siteimg:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0]To place Navigation antenna you will need to remove your instrument cluster and place your magnetic GPS antenna inside small opening. You can secure it by velcro but magnet is very strong so you can just place it and leave it like that. Run antenna wire from instrument cluster into radio DIN compartment (where your navigation will be located)
[row:1b21d80bf0][siteimg:1b21d80bf0]495[/siteimg:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0]To install microphone you will need to remove plastic light cover first
[row:1b21d80bf0][siteimg:1b21d80bf0]496[/siteimg:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0]Then you need to take care of those 2 screws and remove the rest of the housing.
[row:1b21d80bf0][siteimg:1b21d80bf0]497[/siteimg:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0]This is plastic plate which holds your mic
[row:1b21d80bf0][siteimg:1b21d80bf0]498[/siteimg:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0]And this is with mic in place. Be aware that sometimes mic doesn't fit perfectly so you will need to trim it a little bit.
[row:1b21d80bf0][siteimg:1b21d80bf0]499[/siteimg:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0]Now it is time to remove existing mic wires. I never had time to find out where is the other end so I'm replacing this with mic wire coming from TEL interface.
[row:1b21d80bf0][siteimg:1b21d80bf0]500[/siteimg:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0]The rest of the running wire you can easy hide behind pilar.
[row:1b21d80bf0][siteimg:1b21d80bf0]502[/siteimg:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0]Now it is time to remove glovebox
[row:1b21d80bf0][siteimg:1b21d80bf0]503[/siteimg:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0]Don't forget to remove all screws before you will try to remove it
[row:1b21d80bf0][siteimg:1b21d80bf0]504[/siteimg:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0]I connected all modules together just to check if everything is working fine.
[row:1b21d80bf0][siteimg:1b21d80bf0]505[/siteimg:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0]To connect power you will need to get access to compartment under steering wheel. A4 and A6 layout will vary so be aware that this is picture of A4 power connectors. They are located very low but they are easly accessible. One of them should be not used so it will be perfect place to connect your 12V+
[row:1b21d80bf0][siteimg:1b21d80bf0]506[/siteimg:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0]Ground is located on the left side - covered by plastic screw
[row:1b21d80bf0][siteimg:1b21d80bf0]507[/siteimg:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0]I used place behind the glove box for XM and TEL interface. There is not much space over there but you should be able to fit one over another and fix it with double sided velcro type lock or something simillar. I taped them together and mounted on the back.
[row:1b21d80bf0][siteimg:1b21d80bf0]508[/siteimg:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0]Rest of the wires is going into glovebox compartment. This is very handy if you wil decide to go with iPod adapter.
[row:1b21d80bf0][siteimg:1b21d80bf0]488[/siteimg:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0][col:1b21d80bf0]As you see everything is working fine ;)

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PROXUS said:
To install microphone you will need to remove plastic light cover first

What is the best way to remove the plastic light cover?

Does this cover has a spot where it clips into the roof. Can you show on the pic where those are.

You probably use a normal screw driver to remove the cover, right?


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Dension iceLink comments / questions

I purchased the I20-AUDI-R iceLink kit from BestBuy yesterday. Looking at the wiring harness included with this kit, it appears obvious why this harness will not work with your built-in Sirius or XM.

The iceLink'a harness plugs directly into the RNS-E's 'Connector I' connection. It then has two outputs. One that is partially in-line to connect to the car's normal 'Connector I' plus and one for the iceLink adapter. 'Connector I' is the red plug with the 20 male pins. Only pins 1-12 are populated for the in-line portion. Pins 13-20 are not populated and must be responsible for getting the Sirius or XM connected to the RNS-E.

In the installation guide of this unit, it specifically says an optional wiring kit is necessary if you have built-in Satellite radio. I have opened a support case with Dension to determine what this is and the cost.

I will keep you updated.

If you do not have satellite radio, the iceLink appears to be very easy to install. There is a black ground wire that needs to be connected but I have no idea how to do that.
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