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i was navigating thru downtown LA, and i noticed a Red "X" on the map at a Left turn in my route..

the RNS-E then said something like, "warning, route altered due to traffic restrictions".. it had me take a left a couple blocks back at a small road, then a right on another small road, then a left onto the road that had the restricted Left.. cool!!..

oddly it routes you thru these restricted intersections, and only reroutes when you get somewhat close.. i guess that is because it wants to make sure it is restricted when you drive thru that area.. otherwise, it could reroute, but you stop for dinner or something and it already has you rerouted, but the intersection is no longer restricted??..

just thought i would share new features..

i have a EU RNS-E in my A4(B6) with the US DVD..
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