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RNS-E "J" installed this weekend, XM "E" from ebay

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Hi all. Well this weekend in installed my "J" unit in my 2004.5 A4 (with Bose, XM (have to replace so i snagged on on ebay and OnStar.) The inital install (putting in the RSN-E) took about 10 min... just a simple plug and play. I know many people have stated that on this site... but for those who want the RSN-R and still think it is too much work... it isn't! 10 minutes... no tools (except the radio pullers.)... it can be that simple!

I am not completly done... Right now my Sat annt is just thrown up inside the dash through the Radio opening(but it works great... 4-5 SAT, which is enough.) I am going to hook up the sharkfin annt next weekend just because it is there... but not a need.

Also I have to swap out my XM reciever. I had an "A" unit so it doesn't work with RSN-E. I managed to find an "E" unit on ebay this weekend for $260 (dealer wanted $500!)... so that goes in this weekend as well.

I still haven't changed a single VAG code... something i will do this weekend because i want the DIS to show nav inst.

So net-net... i could jsut leave my install the way it is today (after 10 min of work!) and I would have a great system. HIGHLY recommend this upgrade to your car. I also retrofitted my 2003 4Runner with the Toyota NAV system (touchscreen, voice commands, XM, backup camera, etc.)... but i really like the UI of the Audi NAV over Toyota.

I will update everyone after i finish up the small details (and figure out how to plug in the Sharkfin GPS while keeping OnSTar functional.

Sometime down the road i will work on Bluetooth with OnStar... oh joy.

Thanks for all the helpful info on the site!
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Hi Greg,

Good to hear your unit is working great! Good driving and navigating! ;-)
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