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About a month ago, I purchased a new 2006 Audi A3 2.0T. I had the base audio system (Concert II) and was planning to install my previously owned AVIC-Z1, but decided to purchase a Eclipse AVN7000 instead to keep the single-DIN. After extensive research and unable to find a pure plug and play wiring harness for an aftermarket install, I decided to go the RNS-E retrofit install route.

I followed a DIY for the retrofit and everything was a little different, as this was my first audio install in a German car. Either way, I got the system in, but my car is still in pieces because I am still working on fitting the climate control into the dash. Anyhow, I had the RNS-E in and obviously, it was an European model and no maps would show up. I searched and searched and found plenty of links/posts/threads on how to create a disc to upgrade and downgrade firmwares. I attempted a few times to do the firmware updates and nothing came through.

I contacted a few knowledeable people and the most responsive and generous one was NSX JR. Lee is absolutely the best person you can deal with hands down. He told me I would need to give him a few bits of information and sent me clear instructions on how to get them and I e-mailed them to him. Within the same day, I was given a ISO to burn my "upgrade" disc, told the instructions on how to downgrade, and now my system is fully functional.

Bare in mind, my occupation requires constant travel, so not having a navigation really hindered me for the past month or so. I am never going back to a bunch of Mapquest, Yahoo!Maps, etc. prints outs.

Anyhow, I would like to graciously thank Lee for his hardwork and willingness to help. He acted very quickly and professionally. His prices are more than reasonable and I guarantee you not regret dealing with him.

Thanks again Lee, from a very satisfied customer!
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