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RNS-E install in 2001 A6 - Part I (link to pix)

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I'll post my updates within this thread as I make them available. Detailed install pix are forthcoming. :)

Special thanks to Lee Hicks (NSX Jr) for his advice and consultation regarding the SAT install, climate control faceplate and overall Audi electronics knowledge. He certainly trumps me in a lot of areas. Thanks Lee!!

1) RNS-E installed and fully functional. Check!! (Gee...that was easy!)
2) Climate control faceplate from 2002+ A6 to match color of RNS-E. Check!!!
3) OEM Sirius tuner installed...and fully functional. Check!!! (still have to call Sirius and finalize the subscription price. However, I get about 20 stations for free as I've been "milking" those for the past two weeks)
4) Custom Phatbox and SAT tuner cable (so I can run both at once)...installed and fully functional. Check!!!! (This is a very easy cable to build..and will only cost you about $50 in parts from crutchfield and audi parts dept) - (Thanks to Todd1010 for his help here. You rock!!)
5) Dietz 1417 A/V interface for Blaupunkt ME3 (DVD player and TV tuner). Check!!! (I still need to power up my aftermarket amplified TV antenna and custom video-in-motion switch - all minor stuff; Can you guess where my switch will go??)

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