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RNS E install in 1999 A6 C5

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I installed a RNS-D in my 1999 A6 2 years ago...and have recently bought a RNS-E and adapter (with can bus)....

My question is on my current RNS-D my speed signal comes from the ABS unit ..because my car has no gala....will this work on the RNS-E and what do I need to do regarding getting a speed signal to the RNS-E.
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The speed signal should be connected to the CAN adapter. If you got a 4B0 RNS-E it may even work when connected directly to the RNS-E. Doesn't really what signal it is, the RNS-E will adjust itself after driving around a while with speed and GPS connected.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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