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RNS E install in 1999 A6 C5

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I installed a RNS-D in my 1999 A6 2 years ago...and have recently bought a RNS-E and adapter (with can bus)....

My question is on my current RNS-D my speed signal comes from the ABS unit ..because my car has no gala....will this work on the RNS-E and what do I need to do regarding getting a speed signal to the RNS-E.
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you should be able to find the GALA behind the instrument cluster. See my links below. I'm surprised that your original concert HU wasn't running of the GALA. It should be a white wire with a green stripe in the black 8 pin adaptor (behind the Concert HU). This was the case with my 2001 A6....and I was told it is also the case for those with the Concert. Yours might be different. Who knows.

Remember to post pix and details so the others with the a single DIN HU can see what you did. Good luck on the Install!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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