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RNS E install in 1999 A6 C5

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I installed a RNS-D in my 1999 A6 2 years ago...and have recently bought a RNS-E and adapter (with can bus)....

My question is on my current RNS-D my speed signal comes from the ABS unit ..because my car has no gala....will this work on the RNS-E and what do I need to do regarding getting a speed signal to the RNS-E.
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Vagging a 1999 A6


Ive installed the RNS-E in my 1999 A6 with the can bus a treat..thanks guys...

Ive tried to vag into it ...using my original cable purchased a while ago...upgraded to 409.x but threw an error "port ready:interface not ready"

So I bought a 409.x compatible vag cable from ebay (after reading about the incompatibility of the 3.11 software) still the same error..although works fine for the rest car with 3.11 software.

Do I need to purchase a ross tech cable...or is there a I can get my rns-e in english and get the front speakers and cd changer working.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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