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RNS-e in NZ

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This is a great forum and I'd like to thank everyone for posting such valuable information. And thanks PROXUS for the time on the phone and prompt delivery of my unit.

A few things though. (I will have my RossTech vag tool in a couple of days). My unit came modified to US version and I have Bose.

1. The fader works back to front and I get a bit of a hiss in the speakers (rear) when using the Phatbox but is ok with SD card. Phatbox was ok with old Symp II radio.
2. Radio works fine but there is a little 'gibberish' to the right of the station freq's. It looks like its trying to name the stations.
3. Is there a way to hack the DVD to play DVD's and not just Nav.
4. Same with the Phatbox - is there anyway to get the.mp3 titles etc on the screen instead of just track numbers.

Next is Bluetooth phone and waiting for Audi to get in the game here with Nav. option. (Mercedes and BMW already working here)

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