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RNS-E in B6 A4

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Hi guys

I have a B6 A4, and have just bought RNS-E sat nav. I have a Phatbox at the moment, and the in dash 6 disc changer. Firstly will the Phatbox just plug into RNSe and work? and secondly, if at a later stage, I want to get a glove box CD Changer can both the Phatbox and the changer be plugged into the rnse unit?


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If you have the Symphony II head unit right now, you won't need to disconnect the Phatbox. When you plug in your RNS-E adapter (which hsould have the wires to support a CD changer) it will work with the RNS-E after configuring it for the right head unit.

You cannot use the glovebox CD changer and the Phatbox together, only one or the other.
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