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RNS-E in B5 RS4 - it works

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No nav :( but at least we know that you can retrofit as far as B5 ;)
Is there anyone who know how to contact with the author?

I am installing the RNS-E in my 01' RS4.

But there are some questions.

The link are failed to connect.

Tks a lot.
IIRC is user name is RSQuattro and there is an email address in his profile at
Tks for ur fast replying...

deeply thanks~
what are your problems? ive just installed rns-e, bluetooth oem handsfree and phatbox in my rs4

maybe i can help

I just installed the RNS-E ,but I can not Plug in the Canbus.

The RNS-E will auto shut off in an hour and no lights on ....

Maybe I need to rewire from the cluster right?

I will install the BT Tel.

Hope everything will be fine.

Did u shape the RNS-E?

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If you have no canbus the OEM BT install will not work

It relies on seeing a cluster to operate.

PROXUS said:
No nav :( but at least we know that you can retrofit as far as B5 ;)
He does have NAV,, he's using a 4B0 unit and has gala connected.
dunk said:
what are your problems? ive just installed rns-e, bluetooth oem handsfree and phatbox in my rs4

maybe i can help
Here's my problem: You own a RS4...and I do not. Lucky bastard! :D :D :D :D :D
Sorry for the broken link. The site was hacked way too often and the owner took it down. A new site is almost finished. Any specific question you have regarding RNS-E in a RS4 ?

- Hendrik (hho at microdoc dot de)
the question is the Canbus.

Can anyone send me more details about how to rewire canbus?


or is there any way to find out the B5 RS4 Electrics circuit diagram via Elsawin?
Have a look at The Canbus wiring is fairly easy given that the car has a TMC box (part of the "old" Navigation). You'll need a cable set from Kufatec or another source. Pls note that the steering wheel buttons will not work and that the RNS-E will not get the time correctly from the dashboard.

- Hendrik
my rs4 has nav originally but the one without the tft display so i didnt have canbus wired or a tmc unit.

i bought an rsn-e adapter from kufatec with cd/phone/bose and it came with trailing wires to run to the back of the dis for the can-bus.

if you have rns-d with tmc tuner then you need to bridge the wires to the tmc - at the tmc tuner you connect together the wires from the rns-d that are labelled as can-bus and connect these to the wires running from the tmc tuner to the dis - then you simply use your kufatec adapter and plug everything in including gps antenna.

you probably dont need to code your dis if you are already set up for navi.

adding the oem bluetooth phone was very easy- i wouldnt buy the kufatec adapter as its too expensive and there are far more parts than you need - i would recommend getting the audi mic as this hides in the centre roof panel where there is already an oblong series of little slots - just pull the light cover off and undo the 2 screws to remove the roof console and run the wire behind the head trim where is meets the screen then down the A pillar - the audi mic is directional towards the driver and completely hides which makes for an excellent factory install.

if you update the rns-e code to 360 then you get the phonebook and call syncing over bluetooth and the dis and display shows who is calling and you can dial from the rns-e... all features which make the oem bluetooth install worth having.
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