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RNS-E In a S4 B5 (2001) With Crap Factory Nav

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Does anyone here have any experience installing RNS-E in an S4 (B5) with the crappy original Audi Navigation? I'd like to upgrade, but I want to make sure there won't be any complications from already having a (sort of) navigation system.

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shouldn't be any issues. I know of a few folks with the US-based Nav in their 2001 A6 and they added the Nav+ (CD-based) without any problems.

A) you can mount a new GPS antenna inside your dash (see pix below); many with the RNS-E have gone this route
B) If you want to use your existing GPS antenna, you will need to run an extension wire to from the drivers' side trunk behind the RNS-E (a lot more work than it sounds); plus, some have stated that the older GPS antenna's don't work with the RNS-E (I'll let the others chime in)

Also, you should probably disconnect the power behind your old Nav drive in the trunk.

The RNS-E from a C5 A6 is what you want...see the pix from the forum from others.

Just my data the top of my head.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the info. I was actually thinking of pulling the old nav out and seeing if anyone might actually want to buy it.

I haven't actually used it myself (the dealer has ordered the CD for my area), but I imagine that if someone just wanted something that could point out the closest gas station, it would be adequate.

Does anyone have any idea how specific the headless nav is? Does your garden veriety B5 have everything needed to just plug it in? How about the B6? Are compatible Audi's prewired, or would they need the harness all the way back?

I'm really looking forward to getting an RNS-E. I love gadgets!
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