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RNS-E EU 2002 A6 Connection Question

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Can some tell me whether the GALA wire from the dash that I connected to pin 1 of my factory eight pin connector is supposed to go to pin 7 the BOSE pin on connector B of the RNS or pin 3 The V (GALA) signal on connector B of the RNS. My adapter harness by default has this going to pin 7 which just doesn't seem right. I think that the BOSE pin 7 that it is connected to is for the BOSE autopilot?? :?

How hard are the pins to pull out and move?? :oops:

My other post describes the problems that I am having. I also did engineering mode or whateve it is called last night, and no speed signal is being displayed. Could this be why my maps aren't working?? :?
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GALA goes to V-signal

BOSE goes to GND is you have BOSE installed in your car.

Pins are easy to remove, take the blue connector out of the main plug, take the black insert from the blue "B" connector, use a small screwdriver to push the latch pin down and slide the pin out. Make sure the pin latch is up again when inserting the pin.

Thank you Craig,
Can you explain the bose to ground thing more?

So the bose pin # 7 from the RNS goes to ground??

Thanks a million!!
If your car has a BOSE sound system installed, then you need that pin 7 to go to GND on the power connector, it tells the system "BOSE" enabled or something like that.

On my adaptor it's just linked to the main GND wire of the RNS-E adaptor.
Perfect, you don't happen to know what connector and PIN # the ground wire is do you?
I swapped the GALA wire from the BOSE to the # 3 V GALA wire. I can now see mph using the engineering menu, but still no darn map, or routing abilities??? :? :shock:
Have look at the lid of the RNS-E it shows the connector layout.

D: Power Connector
9 - CAN-H
10 - CAN-L
11 - TEL-Mute
12 - Kl.31 (Masse) GND
13 - U14 ST DSP (radio On)
14 - DWA
15 - Kl.30 +12V
16 - U14R-1
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Perfect PIN 12 it is then. I did take a look over luch quick, but I don't think pin 12 said ground.

Thanks a million :lol:
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