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Today I put my work collegues newer RNS-E DVD into my RNS-E and it updated the software on the unit to a higher version. When I put my RNS-E DVD back in the sat nav systems says that it is not compatible.

We tried backing up the Newer version DVD 2005_1 but this will not work!!!

I now am unable to use my RNS-E to navigate.

Does anyone know a way of down grading the software on the sat nav system or know of a successfully way to backup the orginal CD?


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There is no known way to downgrade the software. Once you update to software version 0330 or newer (with Euro DVD 2005_1 or newer), you will not be able to use older original DVDs or copies of the 2005_1 or newer DVDs. IIRC this is also printed in big letters on the 2005_1/2005_2 DVD cover.

At this time your only option is to get your own original DVD to use in your RNS-E.
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