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After the recent forum upgrade most links are broken, please use the search until the links are fixed.

General Topics
RNS-D (CD-based) Navigation Plus Quick Links
RNS-E Retrofit for Dummies
RNS-E Wikipedia
Part Numbers
RNS-E Pin Outs
VAG Codes for RNS-E
Installation Experts: RNS-E/D - By geography
CAN or no CAN
Engineering mode for Audi Navigation+ RNS-E
CD Changer won't work
Which pins on the RNS-E are the necessary ground and power?
XM/Sirius and RNS-E
Color DIS
Which CD changer works with the RNS-E?
Dietz 1417/1280 & ME3-DVD player install
TV/DVD in US navigation RNS-E (Dietz 1417)
Song order with SD MP3's
"hissing" coming from RNS-E with the engine & HU off?
PROJECT: Bluetooth TEL module for US Audi RNS-E
Audi Bluetooth installation for US RNS-E
A3 installation - can problems
Take screenshots on RNS-E screen
The RNS-E B5/C5 Clock Problem Thread
A few wiring notes from my install...
BT tel module Voice Commands / Steering wheel functions
Audi RNS-E functionality
The Idiot's Guide to OEM Bluetooth Install: Version Audi A4
Downgrading software
Multifunction wheel & RNS-E functions
Symphony II+ aux in
Have you seen this? Fake or real? RNS-E Startup screens
Upgrading to the 2005+ OEM Submarine-style roof antenna
VIM hack or how can I break my RNS-E?
Nav or no-nav in the RNS-E, how can you tell?
Converting Symphony II+ antenna system for use with RNS-E

Euro units in North America (and vice versa)
Anyone have link or know how to mod the US DVD's to work...
Euro RNS-E in North America - Current Issues
I guess I broke my Euro RNS-E, somehow...
US software update issue on A4 B5
Another successful conversion EU to US firmware on B6 A4
RNS-E EU->US upgrade question
upgrading software/using new map...dependent on?

A2 8Z
Naviplus DVD (RNS-E) in A2 mit Doppel-DIN möglich?
A2 Symphony to RNS-E upgrade

A3 8L
Navi Plus RNS-E im 8L
Audi S3 RNS-E & bluetooth installation
install a rns-e in a audi a3 8L

A3 8P
Navi Plus nachrüsten im a3 8p
A3 8P Retrofit RNS-E Installation guide
Nav+ (RNS-E) and Bluetooth Retrofit: single-DIN to double-DIN conversion

A4/S4/RS4 B5/8D
B5 Anyone?
Installing a Euro A6 RNS-E Nav+ unit in a B5 S4
RNS-E for RS4 B5 version...
Completed B5 A4 RNS-E install (No CanBus) + PICS!
Custom made B5 faceplate for the RNS-E

A4/S4/RS4 B6/B7/8E
Questions regarding a 2004 B6 S4
Finally installed my EU RNS-E (long)
Installation pics for EU RNS-E in US A4 (B6)
Just installed DVD Nav RNS-E US in my B6 S4 (long)
from Symphony II to RNS-D to RNS-E... a picture story...
Single DIN to Double DIN conversion

A6/S6/RS6/Allroad C5/4B
RNS-E upgrade for C5 A6/S6/allroad/RS6
RNS-E Installation pictures
Full install instructions of RNS-E on Audi RS6
Symphony I to RNS-E upgrade

A8/S8 D2/4D
RNS-E in an S8

Before posting a new question please make sure you have read above threads and searched the forum.
If you can't find the answer to your question, tell us where you come from, at least if it's North America,
Europe or the rest of the world, and which car (model/year) you drive.
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