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Hi Guys,

After many trials, I've been able to fit my RNS-E in my A4.
However, I would like to know about calibration.

I set the parameters under STG 56 adaaption 10 to:

Channel 001 (Tires) - 1964
Channel 002 (GALA) - 45

I checked the speed pulse, and it is present, and registering.

I presume that channel 2 is for noise, and should have no bearing on this
My wheels are 235/45 17's.

Currently, looking at the map, my car is physically further ahead than the map.

Do these units self-calibrate, and if so, I presume this will get better with more distance?.
Is there a switch to enable calibration?
The engineering mode says learning is on, but I'm not sure I trust it.

Ray :x
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