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just posting some interesting threads from the yahoo forum. Hopefully, more folks will post here; which will help others research this kind of upgrade.


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Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 19:08:02 -0500
Subject: RE: [AudiNav] RNS-E differences between US and Euro??

Ok – let me correct my last statement…

While I was driving today, I was attemping to locate points of interest. While in motion, I had to click accept on the warning screen. I’ll try entering nav data tonight while I’m on the move. This is in a US spec RNS-E in my allroad.


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Subject: [AudiNav] RNS-E differences between US and Euro??

other than satellite radio, AM/FM tuning, and station ID info does
anyone know if there are any other differences between the US and
Euro units??

for example::
-- does the US system allow you to enter a new destination while in
motion??.. does the european??..

-- is the european system easier to integrate TV/DVD??..

-- in the Audi ad found on this forum, the colors appear to be
different on the US vs. pics i've seen of the Euro -- anyone

when someone gets the US DVD working, will any of these differences

thanks .. troy

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Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 22:54:16 -0000
Subject: [AudiNav] Re: RNS-E differences between US and Euro??

It's to early to say but there are some possible differences:
- My Symphony radio turns off when I turn off the ignition. In
Europe the radio turns off when you remove the ignition key. Not
sure if this applies to the RNS-E too.
- The few times I tried to connect my RNS-E to power, I didn't get a
warning saying that it's unsafe to change the settings while
driving. This could change though as soon as the unit is properly
paired with the car. But someone on the AW forum said that he sees
that each time he turns his RNS-E on in his A4 (forgot if it was a
B7 or Cabriolet).
- The TV option should be as easy (or difficult) to add to both as
it is to add the SAT radio option. These are settings you can change
via VAG-COM.
- Getting the US DVD to work doesn't necessarily mean that the US
software will be loaded. And without changing the software, the Euro
specs shouldn't change to US specs either.

I will know as soon as those cables arrive...
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