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I'm trying to get my TELUS (Canadian cellular provider) RAZR V3c to do phonebook sync via BT with my RNS-E in my 2006 A3. Handsfree works great, but on the TEL menu, nothing is shown on the RNS-E.

I'm wondering if I have a car coding issue, or if anyone knows of an alternative firmware, seem hack, etc. to make my phone compatible for full OBEX transfer of addressbook data, recent calls, etc.

Here's my info:

Carrier: TELUS Mobility
Model: RAZR V3c (CDMA 800/1900 w 1X-EVDO)
S/W Version: GATW_06.04.00R
PRL Version: 11055

RNS-E (address 37):
Part: 8P0 035 192 G
Component: RNS-E US3 H70 0110
Coding: 0209617

BT Module (address 77):
Part: 8P0 862 335 G
Component: FSE_255x BT H21 0190
Coding: 0011477

Notes: Car information obtained with VAG-COM version 512.4-UD. No faults found with full scan.

Hoping someone else out there has already solved this problem.

Thanks in advance,
2006 A3 2.0T - DSG, Premium, CW, Conv., Bi-Xenons, NAV+ w Bose, BT, Lava Gray Pearl, VAG-COM HEX-USB+CAN

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Just got back to town from business away. Will try the recode tonight.

Tested BT sync with an 07 RS-4 with RNS-E while I was away. My TELUS V3c still didn't sync any phonebook, recent dailed, etc. Same issue as with my A3.

Fingers crossed for the recode because it looks like a retrofit of an 07 BT module isn't going to fix it.
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