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RNS-E and switched 12VDC issues

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Since i dont have can bus i need to start my RNS-E manually. I know that ignition is transmitted over can... I orderd a can emulator and no i need to find switched power for this emulator. Any ideas where this might be easilly to get. A6 1999 avant 2.7T (old radio consert with bose).
I didn`t find it from my old concert radio connector.
Also i need to now how Pin 13. in RNS-E should work in cars that have CAN BUS... Because i need switched power for my amp and when i test pin when i have turned the unit off... it still has 12VDC... is there some kind of delay for the wake up signal to die?
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Lock the doors and wait for a minute or so and then measure the pin 13, it should drop to 0 Volt. But you do not have any can so i am not really shure what will happen, try it out.

Bye the way, have you checked if you have any fault codes on the radion/navigation and what in sutch case?
I figured this out... Pin 13. is delayd contact if can is not conected or ignition is not on pin 13. is +12VDC about 30mins. and goes to 0 aftrer machine goes off. Again when you start the RNS-E it gives contact.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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