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RNS-E and RDS Information

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I've had the chance to play with two RNS-E units so far and the way I saw the first one handle the Radio information did not seem to be the same on the second one.

The first one I played with was in a 2005 A6 and when it was in the radio mode (FM), it displayed the current radio station I was listening to as well as ones that were around it. I also noticed that the display seems to update the RDS info for all the station that were listed on the screen. So it let you see what songs were playing on the other stations as well as the one you were on. I thought this was a cool feature in that you could change to a different station if you saw a song you like being played on it.

The second one I played with was in a 2005.5 S4 and it also displayed the station you were on as well as the ones around it but it seemed to only display the type of music the station played and did not seem to scroll the name of the song that was on. I know the station I was on used RDS since the Symphony II in my 2002 A6 displayed the name of the station and the song that was being played.

I guess it’s possible that the A6 unit has this as a feature and the S4 unit does not or maybe I was seeing things when I was playing with the unit in the 2005 A6.

I'm hoping to someday pickup a RNS-E A6 EU unit (4B0 035 192 P), reflash it into a US unit and I would really like to see the same feature I saw (or thought I saw) in the 2005 A6 unit. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

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Well, you're doing better than I am in my 2005.5 A4. In the nav display, I can scroll through stations, but all I get are the station numbers. No station ID and no song name for any of the stations.

Is this a setting somewhere?
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