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RNS-E adapter pinouts required for 2003 A3

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I'm installing an RNS-E (8P) into a 2003 3.2 Quattro A3 (ex Symphony 2). Everything seems to work fine, but I am getting a flat battery after approx 24 hours!
So, I'm looking for confirmation of the power pinouts on the adapter harness. I can't find any specifically for the A3. Can anyone tell me which ones should be used please?

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Hi Nick,

It sounds like the CAN wires aren't hooked up right. Do a search on this forum for "Dead Battery" and you'll probably strike paydirt.

The CAN-H on your Symphony II plug is connector 1, pin 7. It should go to connector D, pin 10 on the RNS-E quadlock plug. The CAN-L on the Symphony II is connector 1, pin 12. It goes to connector D, pin 9 on the quadlock plug.

The way to make sure your wiring is correct is to use the wiring diagrams on top of the Symphony II and the RNS-E. Think of the plugs on your adapter as the plugs on the back of the Symphony II.

The DIS works so I hadn't considered a CAN problem. I'll check it out.
I've just checked the harness, and I have CAN-H to CAN-H (Sym Con 1 Pin 7 to RNS Con D Pin 9), and CAN-L to CAN-L (Sym Con 1 Pin 12 to RNS Con D Pin 10).
Are you saying it should be CAN-H to CAN-L?
make sure your amp is being powered from pin 13 instead of pin 16. If it's swapped, it will power your amp full time which will kill your battery. Same deal with your CD changer power. Make sure it is powered off the U14 ST CDC instead of U14R.
No, it's CAN-H to CAN-H and CAN-L to CAN-L.

I don't have a Symphony II, but the info I gave you came from here:

At any rate, if your DIS is working, then it's probably not CAN related.

Have you rebooted the unit (pressing the Radio and Setup buttons until the unit resets)? Sometimes, the system (car and head unit) need to be reset by doing this.

You probably already know that the unit controls when to power on and off by itself. Does the display turn on when you turn the ignition on?

Here's a thread about the CAN connection in A3s.
This isn't likely since your DIS works, but more info is good.

Sorry I can't be more helpful. Maybe some of the local "heavyweights" will wade in. :)

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Thanks. You have both been very helpful. The amp was wired from pin 16, which I have changed to 13. The doc Jamie sent has pin 16 still being used to Con 3 (unreadable pin). Is this still required?
Will give it a try tomorrow.
No, you dont need pin 16 connected to anything. Also, there is no official CD ground wire on the RNS. The CD NF-GND is for AUDIO ground that accompanies your CD NF-L and CD NF-R audio signals. Make sure that your Connector I, Pin 18 only connected to Connector B, Pin 2. If you need a CD ground pin, then Connector I, pin 10 should be connected to Connector D, pin 12 (this is in addition to Connector III, pin 8 being also connected to D12).

Also, make sure your DWA-GND (RNS D14) is connected to your ALARM GND (Sym Connector III pin 2). This allows your alarm system to tell the RNS when it is safe to turn your CDC and AMP off (when the doors are locked.)
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