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All I can say is: WOW! If the factory had offered the RNS-e in '02 they really would have had a hit. I installed Proxus' RNS-e a few months ago. It worked great except that the unit did not find the Pbox. I made two mistakes on my install. I broke a pin (Pbox issue) and managed to tie into the wrong wire for CAN/BUS. BBC diagnosed and corrected both issues during the install of:

XM unit (for RNS-e)
ME3 (IR remote pick up inside drivers dome light)
Dietz 1417
Dietz 1380
'05 Submarine antenna
Amplified TV antenna
TeddyB's custom harness

This was a big job. I could not of pulled this install off with my 2 & 5 year old around (which is all the time). BBC completed the dismantle, placement, install, coding, reassembly and testing. I had BBC leave the RCA video plugs (Dietz 1380) coming out by the rear seat next to the cup holders. I have a portable DVD player with an "input" jack that allows me to play the TV/Video showing on the RNS-e. It sits in front of the rear cup holders on the carpeted hump. Audio comes from the BOSE system at the moment. There will be monitors in the headrests eventually with infrared headsets. Soon Mom and Dad will be able to cruise with XM and the kids will be void of our conversation (via ir headsets) watching Sponge Bob re-runs. This is some of the finest work I've ever seen.

Cheers, Michael

'02 Allroad 6SP M
Euro RNS-e (Proxus), Phatnoise (DLR-BBC), XM (DLR), ME3(ebay), Amplified TV antenna (ebay), Dietz 1417 (Steve Z1), Dietz 1380 (Euro Parts), Upgrade to '05 Allroad Submarine antenna (DLR-BBC), TeddyB's custom harness, BBC's install to fully integrate EVERYTHING (seamlessly) like the factory wish they would have. More pics to follow.

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