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RNS-E 8E0 035 192 C for B7 A4

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Hi there

Can anyone please confirm if an RNS-E part number 8E0 035 192 C should work in a 2005 B7 A4?

Is there any differences that I should be aware of in the fitting process between this and my 2001 B6?


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Yes C unit will work in B7.
No problems if you will install in B6.
B5 need to use A6 units.
INstalled in B7 - map position wont update?

hi there

just installed this unit in a 2005 B7 and the map position will not update. It has not been'd to the car yet - will this be the cause or is something else up?

If the illumination turns on when you turn the lights on then the unit may be coded for an A6 which doesn't use speed over CAN. If the illumination doesn't turn on then you may have an issue with your CAN wires.
yes I get illumination and the map colours also change to night mode when you switch the lights on so I think can is good. Looks like it just probably needs coded to the car as the cd/radio etc all work ok too.

Will book it into the dealer and let you know how it goes.

Thanks again!
spassmore said:
Will book it into the dealer and let you know how it goes.
Is there not someone from this forum local to you who can do the re-coding - to save paying the dealer?
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