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Hi folks, I have problem with RNS-D security code. I did swap my old "audi concert" to 2din RNS-D audi navi.
When I enter pin code its says that code is incorrect. I did send 13 digits code from unit to my friend and purchase it on ebay for few euros. Both answer comes like this:
AUZ1Z1Y0374293 : 1514
Also I did tryed 0000 and 1234 but non of them working.

I do also aware that: "The RNS-D will not accept the code unless the SAFE wire is connected to permanent 12V."
I did connect wire nr. 5 to nr. 7 and tested them with voltmeter. Everything looks fine.

So my questions is: do i miss something? Do you can change original security code? If so.. can it be factory restored somehow?
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