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As per previous posts on this forum, I recently upgraded my Audi A6 to the RNS-D Navi Plus and also installed the Dension Icelink Plus.

Well I just received my Ipod and tried connecting it; the Ipod seems to recognise that it is connected to the Icelink (shows up the Dension 'wallpaper'). But I can't seem to get any sound out or change playlist etc from the Navi Plus.

The only thing I could think of was the ground wire- checked this and it 'seems' fine (how is the best place to connect the ground of the Icelink-I just 'tapped' it with the Navi Plus one- would this suffice??).

The only other thing I haven't tried yet is a firmware update but surely sound should come out with any version of firmware(?)

Just to confirm/ask; all I would have to do is dock the Ipod on the IceLink cradle; press the CD button; select 1-5 for a playlist and the music should start playing right??

Any help would be much appreciated. I was so looking forward to use an Ipod in the car too!

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