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rns-c how much is it worth

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I am thinking about selling a brand new warranty replaced nav c unit. How much are they worth? With the thought of upgrading to a the E type dvd based unit.


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depends on what car it is for. More details please. :)

C units are older technology and the map updates from navteq are less frequent than with D-navi. You can probably get $400+ for it...depending on condition, and whether or not you include mapdisks.

just my .02.
nav-c for a 2002 b5 s4

brand new from the dealer
still doesn't make much difference. C units are not in high demand. You still didn't tell me what model this is for; have a part#? If it fits the A8 (4D0 unit) then you might be able to sell it. Good luck!

sounds like this is just the CD drive unit from the trunk....and not the Nav+ version. In my opinion, you have a very limited market for selling this. I think I recall seeing a used one sell on ebay for $200. Try your luck there and see if you can get a better price.

FYI - the people that I know who have had a C-Navi drive unit fail, have opted to spend the extra $$ to upgrade to the RNS-E....than spend $400+ for a new part from the dealer.

Good luck!

The nav-c is for a 2002 B5 s4, the part number is 4b0919887b. I would like to trade up to the DVD based unit.
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