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Retrofitting a glovebox cd changer in A4 B7

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I've just purchased a 6 cd changer to fit the glove box on my B7 but it turns out the glovebox lining is not big enough to accomodate - can you buy a different glovebox lining?

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that's weird... you're saying your stock glove box has an opening that is too small for your CDC?

for the B6, the CDC glove box has actually a smaller opening than the stock/regular one.

what's the part # of your CDC? any pics of the glove box?

the lining isn't sold separatly.
its wide enough but not deep enough eg you can't shut the lid with the cd play in the top compartment - it looks like you'd need to cut an opening in the back of the compartment
You need a different glovebox to accomodate the CD changer - available from your local Audi dealer.

I swapped my glovebox - it takes about 5 minutes to get the glovebox out (remember to disconnect the wires to the light), another 5 minutes to swap the lock from your old glovebox & swap the light & switch wiring and another 5 minutes to re-fit the new glovebox (remember to reconnect the wires to the light).
Thanks - how much did that cost?

I think it was about GBP130.
Do you have a how to on the swap? Some pics would be awesome, I am considering doing the swap out.


:: Chuck
To remove the glovebox pop off the side trim and remove 5 screws (more on US models), if you've got the coolbox then unscrew the outlet from the hose, then the glovebox drops into the footwell.

Swap the wiring and light (and lock if you have a lockable glovebox - it's held in by a single screw) into the CD changer glovebox, route the CD changer cable into the CD changer slot at the top of the glovebox, refit the 5 (or more) screws and pop the side trim back on (and refit the coolbox outlet onto the hose if applicable). Then plug in the CD changer and slot the CD changer in.

Easy! Sorry but I don't have any photos.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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