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I am retrofitting the brand new TT MFSW in my A3 (8P MY 2007), but the seller was a bit too clever and sold me the MFSW but with the wrong airbag cable (without MFSW connector). I therefore need the correct airbag cable. My Audi dealer is not to much help in this matter so I'd better find the part number my self and am now hoping that someone in this great forum can help.

My airbag has part number 8J0 880 201 D 6 PS and the wrong airbag cable has part number 8J0971 589A. Can anyone with ETKA help me with the partnumber for the correct airbagcable. I can not use the airbag cable from the 3-spoke MFSW (part number 8P0 971 589 Q) because the ground connecters are different and it has only two ground connectors and three is needed for the TT MFSW. I could choose to modify the cable but I prefer to buy the correct cable.


Per Jorgensen
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