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Retro fitting a multi function steering wheel

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Hi all
is it possible to fit a multi function steering wheel to my A4 (b6) if i dont have it now.

if it is what would be invilved and what parts whould i need.

thanks for any advice :oops:
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Yes it is possible. It has been discussed before. Search for "multifunction" in the Multimedia forum.
look in my album for picture of parts needed.
Can a new B7 multifunction steering wheel be retro fitted or just the older four spoke multifunction ones?
B7 uses a newer dual airbag system that is different from the B6.. i wouldn't recomend doing it and it jeapordizes the airbag function which no one wants
To clarify adrian's post, the B7 airbag is a dual stage airbag with two electrical connectors. The dual stage airbag allows for a softer deployment in less severe collisions by deploying only one explosive. For more severe collisions, both explosives are deployed.

In theory, to use this with an older single stage airbag control unit (as in a B6) you just need to connect both sockets on the B7 airbag to the single pair of electrical contacts. This will allow the dual stage airbag to fully deploy when instructed to by the single stage airbag control unit.

Of course, it is up to the owner whether or not to take the responsibility of altering your vehicle's airbag electronic system.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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