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Removing OEM phone kit / OnStar Telematics

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Ok, since we are getting closer to do the OEM BT retrofit, I have to start a little side project as well.

Does someone know if you can connect two phone kits to the HU? I already have OnStar connected to the RNS-E (TEL+, TEL-, MUTE) but I don't have any device on address 77. This makes me to belive that I can safely connect the OEM BT interface to my CAN-bus but what does the HU say if there are two phone interfaces connected?

Did anybody in the US with OnStar or in Europe with the old style (non-CAN enabled) phone kit install a 3rd party BT phone kit in parallel?

If this is not possible, what's required to disable OnStar/Audi Telematics completely?

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