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Hi! Check out the install I did...either listed here in the forum or on my website at

1) Can the RNS-E utilize my current Navigation antenna already in the car?
Yes, you more than likely could. However, you'd need to rip up your interior to run an extension piece of coax from the back of the car (where your nav unit is now) to the front (directly to the RNS-E in the dash). An easy alternative (provided your dash layout is similar to the allroad...) is to stuff a GPS antenna in the "cubby hole" behind the instrument cluster. Again, see my installation pics and notes.

As an aside... I've been a VW guy up until about 2 months ago. Can someone explain to me the difference between R and S in the model of an Audi? For instance - what's the difference between an A6, S6 and RS6?

2) Will the unit trim match well with the current RS6 trim arond the heat controls? From an AW post on an A6 install, it seems to match. The Allroad one did not seem to match so well, but it could be a camera issue.
I'm kinda stuck until I get an answer to my asside...but if you're referring to my post with the nav not matching other trim in my allroad - I think it's a camera issue. My 4B0 035 192 R matches perfectly to my 03 allroad.

3) I currently have XM radio? Is there anything special that will be required to use XM, or am I out of luck?
I'm not much help here. XM is somewhat interesting to me - perhaps I'll try and tackle that some time.

4) Will this setup require a 6-cd changer in the trunk?
I think this will be a personal preference issue. I'm used to a 6 disc changer in my Jetta. My allroad had a 6 disc changer in the dash when I got it. However, with a 1 GB SD card I haven't had any desire to install the CD changer. 1 GB of MP3s is a lot more music than can be fit onto 6 audio CDs. Plus I find it a lot more convenient to load new music onto - just drop and drag. No burning... Keep in mind you can always play a music CD in the drive in the RNS-E - but you can't navigate at the same time.

Hope that helps. :)

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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