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Radio text in memory mode?

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Anybody know if it's possible to have the radio text (song name and band name) show up on the main screen when you are choosing stations from the memory list? I get the full text when I am just on the FM, AM, or Sirius menus, but when I go to my memory list to run through the stations I have stored, the text function no longer works. Which means if I hear a song and I want to know who it's by, I have to switch out of the memory display into the main FM or Sirius display. Annoying.

Also, I have noticed that the song and band info is limited to only a few characters, so if the name is longer, it just cuts the end off. On my old Concert head unit in my B5 A4, the info would flash to another screen to finish the name, but on my new unit in my B7 S4, the end of the names never shows up.

Last thing-- again, on my old car, the title and band info showed up in my instrument cluster display, but on the new one, it only shows up on the head unit, and the center instrument display just shows the band (i.e. FM, AM, or Sirius) and station name/number. I miss having the artist and song name there where it was easier to see. Can this be changed?
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